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Back in business

Well, I have taken a long break from writing. Four years have gone by in a blink. I will begin posting with brand new ideas, categories and I will take requests. My posts will vary from crafts to comics, technically advanced to unique experiences. Hope you enjoy.


Double Chocolate Mayhem

Double Chocolate Mayhem

This Scrumptious cake was truly hard earned as it brought me to tears through the inumerous obstacles on the way…

But worth the effort somehow πŸ˜€



My first photo badge πŸ˜›


Room 9 ka view

Room 9 ka view

I have always been a morning person… The refreshing touch of the early morning breeze makes the whole day more alive!

This spot just outside my room is perfect in every way. It is the blissful shade on a sunny day, it is the glorious greens view on a boring day, it is the spot with cool breeze to enjoy while watching the sun set. AndΒ  most importantly, every time I have sat at this spot, I have had a unique experience. Continue reading

Earth day

Earth day

This ia a damn cool google doodle πŸ˜€
Chk out video if possible πŸ™‚


I found this picture when googling for SPICMACAY and for some reason, this picture seems to have captured me.
SImple, elegant and magical
Maybe it’s my love for dance
Maybe it is other factors playing around

Ring Ring*
Ring Ring*
Squeeks: Hello?
Tigger: Shravya got a cut! Come to hostel fast…
Squeeks: A cut? (Imagining tiny Shravya crying and complaining about a boo-boo)
Tigger: Yea, it’s bleeding! Come and give first aid.
Squeeks: okay… (still wondering the same….)
Belle: Who was that?
Squeeks: Tigger. Shravya got a cut. So, I have to go to hostel.
Belle: A cut? :O
Squeeks: Yea. You guys go ahead, I’ll go to the hostel and help her.
Belle: Ok! We’ll see her as soon as we get back πŸ™‚
Squeeks comes to hostel…. Continue reading

Giants of the race

This here is the biggest carrot I’ve ever seen. Along with 2 other carrots of similar magnitude, it forms the giants of its race πŸ˜›

Though now in my belly resting in pieces ❀