This spot just outside my room is perfect in every way. It is the blissful shade on a sunny day, it is the glorious greens view on a boring day, it is the spot with cool breeze to enjoy while watching the sun set. And  most importantly, every time I have sat at this spot, I have had a unique experience.

The Spot Illuminated

Whether it is spending time with my mother in the moonlight singing old and new but all time loved songs or watching as scores of juniors walked by with buckets. Under the glow of the intermittent light near the entrance of the block I have found peace and craziness.

Sitting out here to study for my exams may not have helped me to study really but it always uplifted my spirit.

This place is pretty popular with the mataks also. whenever I’m in my room, I see them lounging out there occasionally playing with the multiple named puppy- every group of girls (and our warden’s son) I know have named this little dog with a different name, Snowflakes, Tinku, Kunn, and many more I don’t remember and all of them claim that the dog responds to that name!

I must say a bit more about this puppy before I get back to the spot.

This cute little puppy never barks but follows everyone, a little stalker according to Naala and quite a biter and fighter. He is a lazy thing though… he loves to sleep on my door and sometimes even sleep-knocks in the middle of the night. He follows my wheelchair every time and is scared of NOTHING. But damn his curiosity when it blocked my wheelchair and chased me so much I had to climb a wall (small) with my huge cast. Scared me and my roomy for a second when it almost jumped up too. The incident remains on the unforgettably funny side as we fooled him good 😛 . Though it was a bad time cause this little guy was the reason I couldn’t see Squeaks when she was sick.

Snowflakes and I have a queer friendship as we share some sweet and some exciting moments in the block. 😛

Back to the spot…

During one of the evenings when my mom had come to visit, I happened to see a peacock flying up a coconut tree. An unexpected but funny fact was that everyone got excited about that (cant describe the reactions) and we sat waiting for it come down. Some of them wanted to even climb the roof to get a closer look. It was one of the times when my mother’s inner child came out.

Another time a groups of girls began an immense struggle with a coconut stem to knock down mangoes from the trees while the warden, Kalpana ma’am played cricket with her son in the girl’s block basket ball court.

Fight for the King of Fruits

Another time, when I was studying outside, I saw a girl dressed as a devil complete with horns, tail and pitch fork… which in turn lead to the revelation of Tronix (ECE branch) final year tradition of Chaman day when everyone dresses up for a day

Chaman day (senior- batch 2012)- pic borrowed from FB

Squeaks and I sat at this spot and ate loads of mangoes… a huge distraction during exams but a definite must not miss 😀

There are so many more instances making his place special… not only for me but to everyone who lived in that block and some more too.

The birthdays celebrated here, the dance practices we did here, all the times we sat and had a chat… these are all memorable