Ring Ring*
Ring Ring*
Squeeks: Hello?
Tigger: Shravya got a cut! Come to hostel fast…
Squeeks: A cut? (Imagining tiny Shravya crying and complaining about a boo-boo)
Tigger: Yea, it’s bleeding! Come and give first aid.
Squeeks: okay… (still wondering the same….)
Belle: Who was that?
Squeeks: Tigger. Shravya got a cut. So, I have to go to hostel.
Belle: A cut? :O
Squeeks: Yea. You guys go ahead, I’ll go to the hostel and help her.
Belle: Ok! We’ll see her as soon as we get back 🙂
Squeeks comes to hostel….Freaked out people all around (blah blah blah blah all around) ‘What happened?’ Squeeks wonders imagining the worst.

Squeeks rushes at top speed (my competitor in athletics) into my sight, stopping with a sliding break! I was almost afraid she’ll join me for the trip (No Squeeks! Nooooooooo!!! :-O)

Sitting on the bathroom floor (yes. I had no choice, hopefully it’s a never to repeat experience) and my leg up the wall (semi upside down- done to stop bleeding) I was pretty much hidden from sight of anyone as I was being hugged and covered by Chibi as I was feeling pretty nauseous with blood rush to the head.
Squeeks was shocked at the sight :O. Dried blood covered my ams and legs and the ground below was covered with smeared puddles of blood and water. Broken pieces of ceramic were lying around somewhere.

I was giving instructions (barking out orders :P) as to where what was in my room and what could be done. (hehe sorry ppl).

I have an eternally prepared first aid kit (except when I really need it :-/) inspired by my 10th standard biology lab assignment to make one- where I, like the <um can’t think of a word> I was, made it from scratch, ie made the box out of hard paper and some paper mache (no comment) and even made compartments. Still, at the time I really need it, it doesn’t have what I need.

This time, cotton was missing (I found it now btw) and my bandage was dripping with leaked cough syrup from an old bottle <ahem> but luckily I had some gauze and I think some people used a stack of tissue papers as makeshift cotton to clean and cover my wound but they couldn’t find the plaster to hold it together and thus we used a safety pin which I have no idea where they got it from and after taking care of a few things, we were off.

Hoisted by 4 girls, we began the treacherous journey down the stairs. With a surprising ease though, we made it and I was immediately packed and delivered to Padmavathi with Chibi and Sakura who hadn’t even seen the hospital (not too hard as it is hidden by the Surathkal flyover). Luckily the way to Padmavathi is not too complex and the autos in front of our college have enough experience and knowledge about these things.

I really wondered why we weren’t going to the hcc (Health Care Centre) in our college for just bandaging my wound earning me a sound scolding from both sides 😦 . Then again, it is never really open in the evening*.

We arrived in the hospital where I insisted on limping in, much to the frustration of my friends (I do that a lot :P) but the hospital help pretty much pushed me onto a wheelchair and whisked me into the casualty room barring everyone else.

Now,my memory gets a little fuzzy but I remember it was almost 6 by then. They slightly pushed aside the makeshift bandage to check the wound and then they declared that my tendon was cut (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That was only moment that evening that me feel that way). They did not remove the bandage though in fear of moving a broken bone if any. I knew it wasn’t broken though, it didn’t seem to pain at all and I heard a lot about that (hmm :x) but I was sent to the X-ray room just in case.

Now, this was my first X-ray and I was excited (couldn’t help it) and I was grinning all the way. There 2 of my friends sneak in to see how I am and I freaked them out since I was not freaked (get the logic?). The hospital folk insisted on taking the X-ray in an angle that my wound was hidden by my bone, this led to a mini squabble but soon ended peacefully as they took 2 angles.

The results of the X ray were out in a minute (quite fast aren’t they?). The photo freaked my friends out (again) as the first angle they took made my leg looked swollen (it wasn’t). Finally, they concluded I did not get a fracture (yaaay!!! Trust me I am extremely glad about that fact…)

On the way back to the casualty room, I noticed my friends (Chibi, Tigger, Squeeks, Belle, Naala, Quack, Kutti, etc…) in the waiting room and they gave me worried glance as I cheerily waved at them with excitement (extended from X-ray room). They still believe I conked my head somewhere.

On a later day, I asked them what they had been doing then and if they had been bored, the answer was (most obvious is that they were worried about me+) that people there were very amused about one of Padmavathi’s rules, “No Tender Coconut allowed” (randomness…. I heard someone even took a photo of the board). A few of friends promised to sneak in some for me, my mother did do it when she came 😉 .

They opened my bandage completely for the first time and began cleaning it with distilled water, I think. See, by this time, they had called an orthopedic doctor, Bhaskar and he was inquiring a few things about my wound after confirming the tendon cut. It was all well and cool until some idiot decided to pour a whole bunch of alcohol on my wound (OUCH!!! I swear to god, medication hurts more than the wound!) Well, I reacted how any sane/ordinary person might react, yelped and jumped high on the bed scaring everyone in the room (well, they didn’t give me a warning, it’s only fair)

After that episode came the serious part (dun dun dunnnn…) They wrapped my wound and told me they would have to suture my tendon=> visit to the OT

They put me on stretcher and took me (yes, I got all the rides that a hospital can offer it’s patients :D. It’s pretty weird being taken on a stretcher, I have to say). The writing on the door said “Minor Operation Theatre”, Inner door said “Major Operation Theatre” (confused much?)

One of the weirdest moments that day was being taken to the labor room 😛 (Room no: 007 btw) I was left there for a long time, during which I was immensely bored as you can realize with the number of things I noticed around me, with a few interruptions where I was asked sign some documents o.O. I made a my first friend here, a nice young nurse named Veena who promised to teach me Tulu but didn’t/couldn’t 😦 . She did visit me often though. She is a really nice person.

Soon, I was brought out of the labor room and left near in the corridor next to the major OT where I met the anesthetist Jitesh. (I have problems pronouncing that term and I’m not even sure if that is the right word because it sounds more complex as I remember it), my second friend that day :). He told me a grave news at that moment though. I would be given a spinal anesthetic, the one thing that scared me in the whole experience. Lying in that empty corridor with nothing but worn out walls to stare at, nothing but my racing heart to listen to, I was truly scared. That one moment stretched to an eternity or maybe an eternity stopped at that moment for me. I wasn’t even sure why I was so scared.

Time was 8:45 when I was taken into the OT (room 003).

Everyone was dressed in surgical clothes and bright lights like the ones on TV shows shown down on me. Jitesh began the procedure at 9 pm dabbing a cool cotton down my spine as I lay in a fetal posture. He asked me if I was scared. I told him I was. He told me about the anesthetic he was giving me.

The needle used for that procedure is the tiniest needle available in India. It is 5 times smaller than the needle used for ordinary injection and times less painful. So I needn’t worry at all. He told me my body would feel as if in space(at least my lower half of the body) and that it was an experience that I could enjoy in a way. I’m not sure why but his words actually calmed me down. It is damn weird…

True to his word though, I felt but a pinprick, ok a few pinpricks, at the base of my spine but all was smoothly done with out any pain at all (take a breath) and soon I began losing all feeling of my legs as if a quiet buzz had settled where my brain should be aware of my legs. (Can you forget your legs? o.O) When the doc pinched my leg to test it a few seconds after the injection, all I could recognize it as was a touch.

(This whole instance reminded me of the movie ‘Anatomy’. It’s a pretty old but damn freaky thriller :D. Pls check it out…)

The operation began, I’m not sure when and I was BORED!! Yes, bored. Staring t random things is not that much fun :|. So I called Jitesh who had had remained to make sure everything went smoothly. I had a doubt that had bugged me for years!

“I have a question. It may be silly and even not true, but I have to know.” He was pretty encouraging

A side story: Back in my 6th std we had hobby classes for the first time. That year I was lucky and got into one of the most sought after clubs, the Nature Club, a class taken by some high off guy in WWF (World Wildlife Fund, I’m clarifying right now). Srinath (0r Srikanth, not too sure :-/). Now this guy did not disappoint us at all. I remember he brought to our first class a 3 day old baby king cobra in his pant pocket (hell that class was the talk of the school) and told us all about the snake. Did you know it is born with enough venom to kill an adult human? :o. I can tell a lot more about him but that’d be a drfiting off topic.

So this guy knows a LOT, seriously. One class after a particular video he was telling us about the South American Poison Arrow frog (the cool darts used by tribes that are shown in movies are made using the paralytic poison of this frog) and that this poison had medical applications (not directly of course) in the anesthetic field. As he said that, he randomly asked if there any Telugu shettys (vysya) in class. I was the only one. So, he began telling me that for some reason, in the entire world, our caste had a problem with anesthestics and that if I ever went to a hospital, I had to tell my caste to the doctors my caste as the antidode to that anesthetic drug did not work and that I might become paralyzed.

I did not know if he was serious or not. I asked my father (a pharmaceutist) about the same but he did not know either. So the doubt remained for years (8years) and finally was clarified by Jitesh.

Now, first thing Jitesh did was scold me for not telling that I was a vysya (ahem) and then told me that that fact is true, that not many knew it, complemented for knowing it (aahh :D). He did not give that anesthesia to me (most thankfully).

Jitesh, actually brought and showed me the chemical Succinyl Choline (commonly known as Sucol). It is a general anesthetic. Due to a enzyme deficiency in the vysya community (a curious thing) the antidode takes doesn’t take effect as easily and might take hours to take action instead of few minutes like it should (SO BEWARE). This is not for all vysyas also, but cases can’t be predicted. I, in fact, did a little search and found a journal to prove this**

If you can, tell your friends, etc about this fact.

Jitesh became a really good friend that day. He’s really a nice and considerate doctor. My ortho doctor also softened up a little after that (I was sort of scared of him initially :-/) and we were conversing about random topics. They asked me to write about them when I mentioned that I like writing (one of the reasons I’m telling all this in detail). Bhaskar told me about his daughter who is doing her 12th right now. (as I said random topics) 🙂

Soon, though Jitesh had to leave and I was left to my thoughts for a while. Since I was lying on my stomach, my vision was limited to the side my head was turned. I looked at the things around me, for example, an instrument lying in the corner which resembled a gigantic microscope (imagine being examined under it :-O). There was an out-of-my-line-ofvision instrument which kept calculating my blood pressure and pulse periodically (I was sorta playing with that, slightly holding breath and seeing if pulse slows down, etc. Just killing boredom). Some other unidentifiable/uninteresting instruments were lying around and finally what I stared at the most, a mirror like part of an instrument through which I was trying to figure out what was happening to my leg. Wasn’t the best view ever…

Then I made an alternate discovery that finally gave as good picture and what do I see? something white…!!! Till then I didn’t get the slightest idea of the possibility of a cast. I mean, it’s not a fracture… and then they turned me around and continued wrap up my leg. Dipping packets of a rolled white gauze in a bowl of water, they wrapped around my leg with plaster of paris to bind it. I then got an idea of how HUGE the cast was, toe to mid-thigh!!!

The OT is really cold by the way, I was shivering the whole time in the air condition and I was thankful to be out of that place. I was picked up and taken on stretcher again. I couldn’t move my legs at all! (again reminding me of the climax of that movie, Anatomy) and into the ICU where the only rule was “Don’t speak. Don’t move neck” both of which were a torture!!! Naala and Chibi are proof of how restless I was. I was supposed to remain there in almost solitude till 11pm exactly and my only source of entertainment was the soft background of kannada songs played by the single nurse who was there (she even listened to some kannada version of kolaveri di).

Finally, FINALLY…, I was moved to a general ward(room 119) where Chibi and Naala were waiting for me.

The rush was finally over…

*Notice the subtleness

**If anyone is curious or doesn’t believe me, they can approach me for the document (journal)

The final part: The cast is set: and signed!!