LCS was the final leap of the swift array of crunched exams we had. The subject with plots which apparently tell us how the poles move but only succeed in getting us lost along the way. The short paper turned much too lengthy when I realized I solved problems in the way exactly how I wasn’t supposed to solve and had to re-do. But god bless whoever is out there looking out for me, I finished, blindly putting down values, but nonetheless, I finished! (yaay! <happy jig>)

The drive of the exams, a hellish time no doubt, finally gave way to the time we had been yearning for. Being one of the very few people who finished their exams that morning, I was at the top of the world! There can be no doubt… ^_^

Plans for Mangalore- to take Olive to the vet, buy chappals (really in need of a decent pair :x), dinner with friends, movie, heck just spending time outside my room.

Plans in college: Meet passed out seniors (um… pun not intended O:-) ), go to beach, etc

Plans in hostel: Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, Sleep all day and stay up all night with friends šŸ˜€

To Mangalore- Nero, Tigger and I drove all the way to ACT (Animal Care Trust), 20-25km from college, all the while playing with Olive along with Tigger as she played on my arm but ran to Nero every chance she got. She really loves that dude…. oh well! šŸ™‚

ACT was a mixture of mixtures. Olive was gonna be fine soon. Loads of animals everywhere (yes I know it’s an animal shelter) Best part- Meeting Rukmini, Radha and Seeta (Monkey high, Monkey low!!) and the turtle and lazing cats and the birds!!!

We came back straight to college and went to the secret abode of the lone wolf (shhhh), scandalized people and left something somewhere that someone might come across someday and hopefully think it is something else. Some stuff are better left unsaid.

Btw, we leaked the TI non-datasheet minutes before the actual reveal!!! Yaay!

I came back to room after crossing the almost desert hot campus with Tigger with the sweet promise of a well earned head bath. I reached my room and promptly fell asleep without taking a bath (damn it). Wasn’t I forgetting something else? o.O

Hours later, I woke up to the bustle of IT students in my room (aka the mini hub) talking about the paper (refer to TI non-datasheet) and updates about the meeting with seniors. Almost out of time for the meeting time, I quickly grabbed my supplies and ran to the bathroom, (athletics rules)!

Smooth tiles of the bathroom+water+frictionless chappal=awesome way to water-skate my way through the different parts when no one else is there :D. But no time to play, (yawn*) … Can’t be my usual clumsy self always (though I have unnaturally good balance, hmmm…)

Setting things in their places, I half-carried-half-dragged bucket with hot water (need to improve my hand strength šŸ˜¦ ) Time was running out… but I can make it happen!

I turned around and reached the door of the toilet and opened it and put my right foot forwards only to slip in the most unexpected way, crash straight into the ceramic, create a huge gaping hole (I don’t remember how it looks šŸ˜¦ *) and crashed!


(Now I know what I forgot! Buy slippers at Mangalore!)

Author Note: My posts are not going to be as encoded as said post, but definitely as RANDOM!!!!

*I have tried to remember the shape of the hole on many occasions. That day, it was only a momentary glance. The shape I’m sure is pretty triangular (Tigger described it as the shape of a fortune cookie when I asked her o.O) It’s hollow with a dark beyond that I don’t wanna know though :X. I was pretty darn big I think. Wonder what the college ppl think about it. I really wanna see it now. Hahaha, I broke it (score 1-0 for Shravya)! It tore my leg…. (score 1-1) hmmm

Thus, my internal monologue continues….

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