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Hydrangea tessalation

  1. 2017-05-11-08-32-04.jpgA tessalation is a geometric pattern which repeats itself with partial or no overlap.

The above tessalation origami is one of my favorites because it requires less pre-planning than the others I tried. By using any square sheet, we can achieve a tessalation of quarter the size. The best thing about it… The limit is your own skill and the paper (more often than not). Like the flower, you add new layers indefinitely.

It’s a fun, versatile tessalation that always keeps you striving for more, for a better design every time.

I encourage everyone to try this:

Cheers 😀


A decorative bowl to keep the candy. I had these sheets lying around for years!! Finally, I made this bowl. I have one more project of a similar

I had these sheets lying around for years!! Finally, I made this bowl. What do you say?


I have one more project of the same technique. I’ll put it up when I finish it

Well, I have taken a long break from writing. Four years have gone by in a blink. I will begin posting with brand new ideas, categories and I will take requests. My posts will vary from crafts to comics, technically advanced to unique experiences. Hope you enjoy.

Double Chocolate Mayhem

Double Chocolate Mayhem

This Scrumptious cake was truly hard earned as it brought me to tears through the inumerous obstacles on the way…

But worth the effort somehow 😀

Roomy picture

This is a rare picture of us… My roommate of 2 yrs ❤



My first photo badge 😛


Room 9 ka view

Room 9 ka view

I have always been a morning person… The refreshing touch of the early morning breeze makes the whole day more alive!

Rainy days

Bangalore in it’s thundering glory as storm clouds stretch to the horizon. After the blistering Surathkal summer heat, Bangalore is a cool balm that I sorely missed. View from my house terrace…

This spot just outside my room is perfect in every way. It is the blissful shade on a sunny day, it is the glorious greens view on a boring day, it is the spot with cool breeze to enjoy while watching the sun set. And  most importantly, every time I have sat at this spot, I have had a unique experience. View full article »